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The mission behind creating Paul and Bucky was to inspire and create future protectors of all animals, just like Captain Paul Watson.

"I want to be like Captain Paul Watson!
I want to be like him one day"


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Dr. Lorin Lindner
CEO & President

Lockwood Animal Rescue

First and Only Book of its Kind
It is so important for children to have a book that encourages their activism. Children are too often taught to be passive and "obey," but very often these rules do not sit well in their hearts. So many children and adults go back to beloved places from their childhood and see them spoiled by human greed and indifference toward other beings. How empowering to read about a young boy freeing wild animals from traps and knowing that he is not "being bad" but instead is contributing to the greater good of our planet. And the story is a true one, as this young boy grows up to be one of the greatest activists of our time.

A must-read for all children and a big congratulations to Patty Shenker and David Walega for giving this book to the next generation of activists!
I loved this book! I am so touched by this story and I think Patty Shenker and David A. Walega captured the story beautifully. Humans have to start tuning in to nature and animals more and if we do, we can all have experiences like Paul had. We just need to listen with an open mind and empathetic heart. I love what Paul Watson has done for all creatures, large and small. I love what Patty Shenker has created with this book! Two thumbs up! For kids of all ages.

Lindsay Baker
Jane Unchained News Network

This book is important on so many levels. It’s a great tool for teaching children about compassion, yhe rights of sentient beings and about conservation But it’s also for adults. It teaches us that if we listen to our inner voice and have the things that bother us ignite a fire in us to initiate change; we can do amazing things to change the world. It also brings up the point that an everyday occurrence like going on a family outing can have quite a profound effect on our life. Again if we follow our heart.

I highly recommend reading it. The illustrations are wonderful and should be sold as stand alone prints. Buy it and share with children and adults alike.
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