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About the creators

Patty Shenker, author

David Walega, illustrator

Patty Shenker loved this true story of Paul Watson’s childhood and thought it would be a great children’s book. This is her first book. Patty has been advocating for animals her entire life and hopes this book will encourage kids to get involved with helping animals with whom we share this beautiful, fragile planet.
Patty lives in California with her husband, who is a fifth-grade teacher, and their rescue dogs. 
David Walega is an artist, photographer and designer. David is a proud dad to three beautiful rescue dogs. Driven by the belief that all animals deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion, from the largest whale to the smallest rat, he is dedicated to the ongoing campaign toward animal equality.

“This is my first collaborative book of illustrations and it’s dedicated to the memory of all the animals I have had the honor to call my companions.” 

"Thanks to Captain Paul Watson for the chance
to tell his story and inspire young kids."

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