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About Captain Paul Watson
Founder of The Captain Paul Watson Foundation
Captain Paul is the founder of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation

"Captain Paul Watson is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist. 
The founder of several world-wide organizations, he most recently founded the Captain Paul Watson Foundation.  (​)

Paul Watson was born in Canada on December 2, 1950.

His anti-sealing activism brought him world-wide attention employing methods of direct action and relentless objection to the killing of innocent marine life for the benefit of humans.

His lifelong love of nature was inspired in part by a childhood friendship with a wild beaver, who he named Bucky. They unexpectedly met while visiting the woods of New Brunswick, Canada. This started a lifelong dedication to wildlife conservation and protection for the worlds oceans.
"To focus on the protection and conservation of the ocean through direct intervention supported by education, documentation, research activities and partnerships with other NGOs, governments and international institutions like the United Nations." (From Paul Watson Foundation website)

He has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the world in his effort to conserve and protect all wildlife.  

The author of several books and as a sought after public speaker, Captain Paul is a vocal role model for future generations of activists.
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